100% Natural Skin Care Creams and Moisturisers 

Olis Skin Care,  Have developed a range of dry skin moisturisers and creams using only natural ingrediants .Providing a natural fresh fragrance , Which are designed to absorb quickly into the skin and leave a smooth youthful feel to your skin .


Wide-Ranging, Versatile Benefits

Nourishing the skin and restoring moisture, our creams are 100% natural, and leave skin feeling silky. Rich in vitamins and Omega 3, 6, and 9, they are great for soothing sunburn, counteracting dry skin, and relieving the pain of eczema and psoriasis. All of our creams are sold in 75g jars and 250g bottles.

A Cream for All Issues

At Olis we have developed a variety of creams, each of which contains between 11 and 15 active, natural ingredients. Our range includes:

Rejuvenating Moisturiser – The all-natural hand and body moisturiser is scented with tea tree and lavender.
 Therapeutic Creams – These creams act as a moisturiser for skin problems like eczema and psoriasis, as well as broken skin hacks, achy skin rashes, and split fingers. They emanate a nutritious tea tree and lavender aroma which absorbs quickly, and are not sticky or greasy.
Hydrating Cream – This is a fragrance-free face moisturiser  and aftershave balm.

Contact us now, in Warrenpoint, County Down, to receive more information about our dry skin creams and moisturisers.