Help Your Face Exude Healthiness

Our face faces many challenges whether weather related,  wind, rain or cold, central heating and from chemical based make up / cosmetic products.  Furthermore our skin naturally ages and dries as we get older. At Olis, we have developed Hydrating Cream which will nourish, moisturise and protect your skin in all environments.


Fast-Acting Facial Cream

Ideal for very dry or mature skin, Olis Hydrating cream is a fragrant and essential oil free luxury blend of 11 oils and extracts. These include highly emollient Acai Berry oil, soothing Rose hip oil  and Grapeseed, moisturising Shea butter, and the powerful anti oxidants Wasabia, Green Tea and Rosemary extracts. It absorbs immediately to leave skin feeling silky smooth, nourished, and protected all day. Its rapid absorbency means it is also ideal for application pre make up.

Hydrating Cream is also ideal as an aftershave moisturiser removing any dryness, soreness, sensitivity or skin tightness caused by abrasive shaving razors and creams and providing soothing protection all day long.

Pricing and Returns

The hydrating face cream is available to customers in two sizes – 75g and 250g. Although we have never had a customer wish to return the products, if your containers are broken or cracked in transit, we will be more than happy to replace them for you.