Protecting Hands and Fingers

Cracked Hands and split fingertips are the consequence of a drying out process caused by a combination of factors, diet,  genetics, environment, work practices, abrasive surfaces with consequent moisture loss from the skin, reducing skin elasticity, suppleness and causing the skin to crack and split. Since there is a huge concentration of nerves around the fingertips, such cracks invariably touch nerves giving rise to pain. Olis Therapeutic Cream and Rejuvenating Moisturiser are comprised of rich moisturising oils and butters, promoting rapid absorption, providing a natural protective film to reduce moisture loss with the essential building blocks for skin recovery in Omega 3,6,9, vitamins and micro nutrients to assist and maintain normal skin function and elasticity.

The Healing Process

It is common for people who work outdoors, have their hands exposed to the elements, and are in regular contact with abrasive surfaces, to suffer hacks and dry skin on their fingers. As the skin dries it stretches and then splits, with moisture being required in order to heal. The comfrey used in our creams is a natural healing agent, while the tea tree and lavender are anti-inflammatories and have anti-bacterial properties.

Moisturising Relief

Customers fall in love with these 100% natural creams because they absorb quickly, will not irritate and provide immediate moisturising relief to dry parched skin. They each have a refreshing fragrance of Tea Tree and Lavender essential oils and will not leave hands feeling greasy Rejuvenating Moisturiser is a light refreshing cream ideal for ladies or gents predominantly working inside. Therapeutic Cream contains more essential oils whose fragrance is balanced by the nutty fragrance of unrefined Shea Butter and is possibly more beneficial to those working in adverse environments. The creams are available in 75g and 250g, with the smaller screw top jar being the perfect size to slip into a handbag whilst the 250 g bottle has a user friendly pump mechanism, enabling it to be shared by friends or family.

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